Andrea Hurst Literary Agent

Agent Vickie Motter from Andrea Hurst Literary Management visited our class yesterday.  She acquires genre fiction in the young adult and romance categories, and had some interesting things to say about the current trends in the publishing industry.  She mentioned that while YA dystopian themes were in high demand last year, since the success of The Hunger Games, publishing houses are now looking for other genres in YA.  Vickie anticipates an upswing in the science fiction and fantasy genres.  But she did mention that it’s all about timing, so if you have a great dystopian YA, don’t lose hope.  The book that you don’t sell today may be the biggest thing to hit the shelves a few years from now.  “Just keep writing,” she told us.  “If I can’t represent the project you’re pitching right now, I might ask to see what else you have.”

Coincidentally, in the spirit of Vickie’s advice to “just keep writing”, some friends and I have dedicated the next few weeks to writing at least 2,000 words per day.  Some of us are in revisions, and some of us are slamming out first drafts of new stories, but we are focused on getting the words out of our heads and down on paper.  Was it Nora Roberts who said, “I can fix a bad page, but I can’t fix a blank page”?  Anyway, I’ll be posting updates of my Daily 2K word count on Twitter from now until June 11th.  Feel free to post yours, if you want to join in the marathon.  Happy writing!

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4 Responses to Andrea Hurst Literary Agent

  1. Dorine White says:

    Wow those statistics are crazy, but it makes sense. It was easier for me to find a publisher than an agent.

  2. Ted Henkle says:

    I remember Vickie did a presentation in our class too. She also attended last year’s PNWA Summer Conference. Good luck with your writing Tara!

  3. tedhenkle says:

    I remember the presentation Vickie gave in our class. She also attended last year’s PNWA Summer Conference. Good luck with your writing Tara!

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