Northwest Bookfest 2012

Northwest Bookfest 2012 was held this past weekend in Kirkland, WA. The annual festival is a celebration of the literary arts, where readers, writers, publishers and authors can connect. It hosts workshops, panels, classes and author readings, with the purpose of encouraging people of all ages to cultivate a love of literature.

Yesterday I worked at the Pacific Northwest Writers Association booth with author and PNWA board member, J.D. Sullivan. What fun! Some amazing people attended the event, including the historical romance author, Gerri Russell, who taught a workshop on indie publishing. I also had the pleasure of meeting Ren Cummins, who writes a YA Steampunk series, and Karen Junker, the founder and executive director of Cascade Writers.

Thanks to all the people who signed up to become new members of PNWA. I am looking forward to seeing some of your faces at the upcoming events!

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4 Responses to Northwest Bookfest 2012

  1. I agree Tara, it was so much fun! And for a good cause. I can’t believe how quickly the day flew by. Good company, readers, authors and books. What more could you ask for? Well…the chocolate probably helped too!
    Cheers, JD

    • Lara Zimmermann says:

      While I didn’t attend the Bookfest, I did get a lot out of the PNWA conference this summer. It’s great to talk about writing in person! Tara, thanks for the post.

  2. tedhenkle says:

    I’m glad to hear you ladies had a good time. I’m sorry I missed it. I was on nightshift and we’re still busy dealing with the wildfires in central/eastern WA.

    • Tara Sheets says:

      Wow, that’s gotta be intense. I hope they get the fires under control soon. My husband flew to Spokane a few days ago and said it was eerie because of all the smoke in the air. . .

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