Audiobooks to the Rescue!

AudiobooksI am in a very serious, committed relationship with audiobooks.  Since early September when my fourth-grader started school, I’ve been in the car for a minimum of three hours per day.  At first the drive was novel and I enjoyed the rolling countryside and picturesque scenes, but it soon grew so monotonous that I had to open windows to let in the frigid air, or risk falling asleep.

Now I listen to audiobooks almost every day and the time flies.  I don’t know how I ever lived without them.  If I have to do tedious things like dirty dishes or worse, exercise, I reach for my iPhone and jump into a book.  It’s amazing how many things I can get done if my mind is engaged in a story.  The only downside is that the cost is often much more than a hardcopy or e-book.  On iTunes, an audiobook costs around $20, so if you fall in  love with a series, good luck to you and your wallet.  The good news is that most libraries now have a great selection available, which makes it more affordable.

One more thing to consider:  some narrators are fantastic, but there are a few I’ve encountered who actually get on my nerves.  Even if you love the story, you may find yourself hard-pressed to endure the story’s “voice”.   Luckily, you can often preview the audiobook to get an idea of the narrator’s style before you purchase it.  The funny thing is, whether I’m on the road or folding my umpteenth pile of laundry, I find myself a lot more willing to tolerate an annoying narrator.  Deep, gravelly voiced heroines or high-pitched, nasally sounding villains?  Still beats pure boredom, every time.  Ha!

There are over 1500 audio titles available in the King County Library System in my area.  If you’re not convinced that they will add sparkle to your life, try one from your library first.  I dare you to say that a good audiobook does nothing to brighten the crush of rush-hour traffic or the mopping of floors!  Once you become an addict like me, you may consider joining fun blog challenges like the 2013 Audiobook Challenge hosted by The Book Nympho and Hot Listens.   I’m thinking about doing it. I figure I’ve got over seven months left of driving to and from school, for an estimated 420 hours of road time.  So, yeah.   Audiobooks.  My drug of choice.  I know it can be expensive, but hey, I can quit whenever I want. . .*twitch*

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9 Responses to Audiobooks to the Rescue!

  1. Lara says:

    There are some limits (vacuuming, mowing the lawn : ) but it’s a good idea. Enjoy a story, or even learn a language, and get something else done at the same time!

    • Tara Sheets says:

      Agreed! Although once, I was at a critical scene in a story and I just turned up the volume while blowing dry my hair. Yeah, I was blowing out my eardrums too, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I’m a slave to a good story. 🙂

  2. Tara, I too shuttle kids to and from school and sports. I also drive about 45 minutes to work and back. Although my time in the car sounds nothing like your trek, thank you for inspiring me to order an audio book to keep me entertained on the drive!

    • Tara Sheets says:

      They really do make the driving more joyous, and less of a chore! I think I “read” all of Lisa Kleypas’s historicals, as well as Elizabeth Hoyt’s series so far this year. I also breezed through some paranormal romances, and a couple of mysteries. At the rate I’m going. . . I’m going to need a goldmine to fund all my audiobook cravings. 🙂

  3. You reminded me of audiobooks just as we are planning a road trip in January. Excellent! Thanks, Tara!

    • Tara Sheets says:

      Yes! Take audiobooks for your January trip. I actually research books I might like on Goodreads first, to get an idea of what to purchase. It also helps to look up reviews of books if you are unsure, so you can guarantee an enjoyable experience. Have a wonderful and safe trip!

  4. LOL, I’ve got a wonderful image of you blow-drying your hair, the player blaring one side of the sink, your latte teetering on the other, and your dog running into the bathroom to see what all the commotion is about! Okay, I extrapolated a little! 🙂

    Ditto to the comments before me. This is a great reminder. I’m planning to start regularly start walking in the gym and audio books would be perfect!

    • Tara Sheets says:

      Yes! The crazy things we do for a story. In my case, your image is not far from the truth. I’ve actually wrapped my Nook in a Ziploc before, so I could take a bath and read at the same time. . . okay, wait. That’s probably way too much information. Let’s just say, it doesn’t work well. My hope is that in the future, they come up with a waterproof e-reader, and soon. I’m thinking of all the poolside reading while on those tropical vacations (I take in my head all the time).

  5. LOL, I have this image of you leaning over while your blow-drying your hair, staring at the player blaring from one side of the sink, your latte on the other, and your puppy running in between your legs to investigate the commotion! Okay, I extrapolated a litte! 🙂

    Ditto to the earlier replies. This is a great reminder. I plan to start walking at the gym and audio books are an awesome idea.

    Sorry if this is a duplicate. My earlier reply seems to have disappeared!

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