Pitching Your Novel in 140 Characters or Less

Hi, writers! I’m so intrigued by this whole Twitter pitching craze, and I didn’t realize how popular it has become.  Apparently, there are certain days during the year where agents and editors are on high alert, scouring Twitter for great story pitches.  You can pitch your finished manuscript with certain designated hashtags, and if someone wants to shutterstock_201081797see it, they’ll “Favorite” your tweet.  This means you are clear to go ahead and query them.  Go here for a fascinating article by Diana Urban on how #PitMad helped her get an agent for her book.  The fact that you can stand back and just chuck your story straight into the Twitterverse  to see if it floats, appeals so much to the scaredy cat in me.  Anyway,  I am in the process of plotting a new story so I’m not in “pitch mode” right now, but in case YOU are:

Tomorrow, March 11th, is “Pitch Madness” on Twitter.  Toss your pitch out into the slush pond using the hashtag, #PitMad.  Agents and editors will be on the lookout for the perfect hook. For a breakdown of the rules, dates, and details on how to label  your pitch, go here for more information by Brenda Drake.  Have fun!  And then come back and tell me if you got any bites. 🙂

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3 Responses to Pitching Your Novel in 140 Characters or Less

  1. Brandon Sheets says:

    Your site looks good. 😊

    ~Brandon ________________________________

  2. tedhenkle says:

    Hi Tara! I was able to make it to PNWA’s Summer Conference this year, but I couldn’t attend the dinners, or the last day due to work. I saw you had two entries this year and both made Finalist. Congratulations! It’s early Sunday, so I haven’t heard the results yet. I ran into Emily and Lara during the conference. Best wishes to you and all your endeavors.

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